David Speir

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David Speir recorded stellar amateur and pro careers with many pro contest victories. Into his late 40s, he was still winning pro events. Speir also has extensive surf travel experience and he competed on the ASP World Championship Tour for many years. Speir’s father was an avid surfer, who surfed for the love of the sport. Cocoa Beach was home and Speir grew up in the same town and at the same time as Kelly Slater, future GOAT. In this small town Speir, Slater and their friends competed against each other often, in free surfs and contests for waves, prizes, trophies and sponsors, helping to push the envelope for everyone in the small group.

As Speir’s surfing matured, he made the trek 30 miles south to Sebastian Inlet, where the best surfers in Florida honed their skills in front of photographers for the major surf publications.  Speir’s photos graced the pages of the magazines often. For decades he was, and continues to be, one of the most inspirational presences at the most dominant surf spot on Florida’s Eastern Shore.  Speir was featured on a number of Surfing Magazine covers and was featured in numerous travel articles in both Surfer and Surfing Magazines. He also appeared in Japan’s surf magazines. Today, Speir has settled down and holds a sales rep job with eyewear brand Oakley, where he has been for well over 25 years, and still never misses a good swell.

Photos by Nate Adams, Tom Dugan, TS Jaquin, Dick “Mez” Meseroll, Doug Waters, and Chris Wilson