Ricky Carroll

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Ricky Carroll started surfing in the early 1970s in Satellite Beach while still in elementary school, and he built his first surfboard at the young age of 13 after watching his neighbor, Mary Ann Hayes (ECSHOF 2006) build one at her home. Soon, Carroll was surfing in the ESA and working at the Natural Art Surfboards factory.

In 1975 at the age of 15, Carroll qualified for the ESA Championship at Cape Hatteras and continued to compete in the event for the next 10 years winning numerous divisions.  He also took first place in the US Surfing Championship Paddle Racing and Kneeboard Divisions, along with a Windsurfing title through another organization.  Carroll competed on the USA Surf Team at an ISA World Surfing Championship in Australia as well. Turning pro in 1983, Carroll competed in US and Caribbean pro surfing events for a stretch of seven years and followed that with competing on the ASP Longboard Pro Circuit for a number of years.

During his time as a pro, Carroll continued shaping and building surfboards for Natural Art until he opened his own factory in Rockledge, FL along with a retail store in Satellite Beach, Ricky Carroll Surfboards. Today he continues to manufacture under his name brand but also as a licensee for Takayama Surfboards, Local Motion Surfboards and Surfboards Hawaii. Carroll has shaped for many top pros including C.J. Hobgood (2001 ASP World Champion, ECSHOF 2022), Bonga Perkins, Danny Melhado (OP Pro Junior champ and 3X ASP East Champ), Damien Hobgood (ECSHOF 2020), Cheyne Horan, Justin Quintal (2019 WSL Longboard World Champion), Connie Arias, Daisy Nerida Valdez (PHI), Larry Bertelmann, Rachel Presti and many other stars in the sport.

In 2007 Carroll won the inaugural “Tribute to the Masters Shape-Off” at the Sacred Craft Surf Show in San Diego and won the same title another three years in a row as well as winning the inaugural “Block of Foam Challenge” at the Boardroom Show at Surf Expo. Carroll is now the host and lead judge at the “Florida Shape-Off” held annually at the Surf Expo Trade Show in Orlando.  Finally, Carroll believes in giving back to the sport that has given him so much.  Through the years he has supported numerous organizations and charity events with funding, time and sponsorships including the ESA, Surfrider Foundation, local schools and a myriad of other events.

Photo by Nathan Adams,Tom Dugan, Dick “Mez” Meseroll, and Kevin Roche