Bill “Holmesy” Holmes

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Holmesy is a Del Mar, California native, who began surfing in the late 1950’s with an imagination and a burning desire to create surfboards with his hands, which he learned to do.  Holmesy moved to South Florida in 1964 and brought along his surfboard building knowledge. Originator of a radical new design, the Sidewinder, Holmes marketed the innovation, which became popular and which many surfers rode while winning nose-riding contests in the mid 1960s.

His boards are still well known among the old school working in the surfboard building industry, and the classic Sidewinder is still one of the most sought after boards in any collection.  As a visionary, Holmesy built a very successful business. Holmesy Surfboards were known and sold from Maine to Florida and Puerto Rico. His extensive surf team, led by South Florida legend Kim Neilsen, were always a threat at every event even against the Central Florida powerhouse teams of the era. It’s not surprising that in the 2000s Holmesy’s creative marvels still command a following.

Photos courtesy Bill Holmes